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What is Stick 'Em?

Low Cost Hardware

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Why we Exist

STEAM education is already too damn expensive, and developing countries don't even have access to these resources to start with.

We see STEAM education as a tool to impart 21st century skills like problem solving, adaptability and communication.

We're not just trying to create the next generation of roboticists and coders. Who knows what new jobs will exist in the future?

Stuff we do

We mainly train teachers to run cohort wide programmes and work with partners to provide free STEAM classes for underprivileged kids!

Stick 'Em makes large scale competitions and innovation challenges possible. More kits mean more kids are able to form smaller teams, so that every student gets to actively participate!

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Why Us?

Our STEAM kit allows you to build anything from simple mechanisms, complex robots to massive 4 meter tall towers.

The idea is that one kit allows you to turn your ideas into reality and build all sorts of crazy things. Plastic bottles, cardboard, strings and anything DIY is highly encouraged!

Our plug and play electronics board is pretty great, but if your school already has Microbit, Arduino or any other platforms, that's fine!

The beauty of Stick 'Em is it's flexibility, because our chopstick infrastructure works however you want it to.

Control your Creations

Take control of your creations within 10 seconds!

No complicated apps to download and set up. Control robots, tanks and even block programming on a phone, tablet or laptop immediately

Take Control!

Curated Content

Self guided materials mean that no expensive trainers are required!

We know that teachers are stressed. Our programmes are designed for ANY teacher, volunteer, or even enthusiastic student to facilitate a class with NO robotics/coding background.

Students can access all the lessons themselves, at their own pace.

Start Learning!

Battle it Out!

Kids love playing games and competitions. Stick 'Em Dojo provides many different modes like the Tallest Tower Challenge and Battlebots, for students to battle their friends!

Schools can host their own tournaments, which can start within a class, then scaled to inter-school tournaments and even nationals!

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Connect, Share, Discover!

Connect with our beloved community.

This is where everyone shares their ideas, where we announce mini-games and challenges and share creations used in daily life, like laptop stands, and phone holders.

Join Our Community!

Explore your Ideas

If you have access to a 3D printer, DIY takes Stick 'Em 1 step further, allowing students to explore our connectors.

Imagine if you can make giant wheels for giant robots, Or create your own frankenstein connectors with 6 limbs, print it within 1 day and build a robot with it!

Coming Soon!

Meet the Super Cool Team!


Product & Strategy

Jing An

Electronics & Software


Partnership & Strategy


Creative Director

Kai Jie

3D Modeller & Designer


Community Development


Production & Quality


Product & Business


Frontend Software


Finance & Administrative

Si Yuan

Product Designer


Manufacturing Assistant

Yong Sen

Electronics Intern

Gan Jie Jie

3D Modeller &

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All Kids should have access to quality STEAM Education

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